Sonny Now Available on Steam

Sonny Now Available on Steam

Remember how you were all like, “When is Sonny coming to Steam?” and I was all like, “Soon.” And you were all like, “Be more specific!” and I was all like, “I can’t because what if a meteor hits our servers or something similarly zany happens and causes more work?” and you were all like, “Still, though.”

So fine!

You wore me down.

When is Sonny coming to Steam?

Well… now.



Sonny, the turn-based strategic apocalyptic indie RPG releases earlier this year for iOS, is now available on Steam. It features all the content of the iOS version, with desktop UI, achievements, trading cards, and of course, that warm feeling you get in the pit of your stomach from supporting indie developers. The iOS patch will be coming very soon as we finish ironing out a few kinks! Thank you for your patience and support.

4/25/17: The contest has been concluded! The list of winners is in the comments below. Users were contacted via the e-mail associated with their account. Thank you for your participation and we hope you enjoy the game!

For more on Sonny, get Sonny on iTunes, check out Sonny’s official press kit, watch the official Sonny Launch Trailer, visit Sonny on Indie DB, follow the official Sonny Twitter account, and follow Armor Games on Twitter and Facebook.