Starlight 2- A New Gamesharing Experience


Starlight 2 is a new game sharing experience at Armor Games in which users may create their own constellations. This then allows fellow gamers to have the chance to complete the level that you have created. Game share opens up a completely new realm that allows all players to challenge, view, and share constellations with peers, friends, or even anonymous people.

Starlight 2 is a game in which once you have created your own constellation, it will then be displayed in a way to camouflage what the actual constellation is . Then, the user must “align the stars,” correctly in order to see the image! So far there has been 4,000 constellations created in the Starlight 2 Galaxy

Click on the images to try some of my favorite user levels:



Make sure to visit Armor Games and create your own constellation in Starlight 2.