Sushi Cat Now on Android!

Sushi Cat Now on Android!

Accept no fishy substitutes and start off 2017 with a buddy who won’t make you blue even though he already is. That’s right… Sushi Cat is now available free with ads on Android! Why should iTunes have all the fun? That’s right… you can now put Sushi Cat on your Droid and take him with you wherever you go, and you’ll never be alone again. All it’ll cost you is a piece of nigiri or ten.

Sushi Cat

If you’ve never met Sushi Cat before, created by Jimp and JoeyBetz, there’s no time like the present to start. He’s a snuggly but squishy blue feline who never lets a little thing like his small stature stand in the way of true love. In each level of this pachinko-styled physics puzzle game, you drop Sushi Cat from the top of the screen, where he tumbles off obstacles, nomming sushi pieces along the way, and into the multiplier slots below. You need to eat a certain amount of sushi in order to progress, and a few power-ups will help you get that score high.

Don’t have a mobile device? Don’t fret! Sushi Cat will always be free to play here at in Flash, along with its many sequels.

Check out Sushi Cat on iTunes and Google Play, as well as Sushi Cat Stickers for iMessage. Play Sushi Cat Flash games free on Armor Games. Follow Armor Games on Facebook and Twitter.