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Tap the Tower Released on iOS

Start flexing your fingers, because simple yet oh-so-addictive free arcade game Tap the Tower by UYAVA is now live on iOS. The premise? Climb as high as you can while avoiding rolling boulders, brain-hungry zombies, cascades of lava, and more, all without standing still for longer than it takes to blink. Or, well, to get crushed by a barrel. Or skewered. Or splatted. Or… you get the idea. Download Tap the Tower on iTunes free today!

To play, all you need to do is tap to advance, and swipe to hop or attack backwards or forwards. You can find power-ups for a bit of a boost, as well as coins to unlock new avatars if you like your voxels to look juuuuuuuust right. Like Goldilocks, when she plays her apps! You know, before the bears come. Tap the Tower is brought to you by UYAVA, creator of Gem Hunters, and published by Armor Games Studios. Download Tap the Tower for free, and rate the app if you enjoy it. And hey, if you can’t enjoy being skewered two steps before shattering your best friend’s all-time highest score, what can you enjoy?

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