TBA on Track for Release Next Week

TBA Screenshot 3A few days ago, just getting off the heals of the Dark Cut 2 release, I started on a bizarre project involving particles, balls, and clouds. Seems like the sort of game I would make, given that Ball Revamped had these features as well. But this game is a bit different.

TBA (acronym definition to be decided) is a game of skill, timing, and quick-planning. The playing field is a vast array of different color-coded cannons, each with special firing abilities to launch your ball across the map. Like Ball Revamped, you start somewhere and try to get to another without hitting walls or other obstacles. The game solely operates on jumping from port to port as fast as possible.

TBA Screenshot

To jump from port to port, it’s just a matter of using the only key in the game: the space bar. Seems easy, but as the ports start to move, the level starts to shift, it becomes a matter of mayhem and death! There should be a good 30 challenging levels in this release, each with a set par time to challenge your reflexes.

As always there will be plenty of particles to go around. My recent releases have been lacking in the amount of on-screen garble, and I hope to reintroduce a bit of my old style back into the mix. I love dumping as many particles onto the screen as possible; games like Geometry Wars make me giggle every time I play them. TBA Screenshot 2

Currently I am making levels and trying to find music. I have had a lot of problems with music on this one, because I am not sure whether I want to go for a more ambient or techno/dance style of music. The music will definitely set the tone for this entire game, and I want to make sure I get a good complement of gameplay and soundtrack. I wouldn’t want to end up with some hard-thumping tune that has people reaching for the mute button.

Keep a look out for it next week! It should be a lot of fun.