TBA++ or (Deluxe) In Production!

One of my favorite games to produce is finally undergoing a second round of treatment.  While the video is still a rough cut of the gameplay and graphics so far, it shows off a few of the new graphical changes to the game… there is still much more to come!  The core gameplay hasn’t changed, but there are a few new obstacles and port types to encounter.

TBA is puzzle game that relies on the player to use only one key to play… the space bar!  It’s all about timing and precision as you launch across various stages at tremendous speed.  This new version of the game is themed with different worlds, sound tracks, and host of new achievements.  The game is linear now, so the 50 levels you will face are going to be harder and harder all in a row, with some element of plot.  The levels are now expandable to any size, and feature several depths of background and foreground.  I am also aiming for about 30 achievements built into the game, so there’s a bit more to achieve than some of my other titles!

This game should be finished by the end of next week or maybe a few days afterwards.