The Last Stand: Kickstarter

The Last Stand: Kickstarter

From Con Artist Games, creators of the wildly popular Last Stand series of games, comes an all-new premium title. The end of the world has come and gone, but humanity is still scraping out an existence. What would you do if you knew your days were numbered in the single digits? Would you give up, or would you try to make a difference? The Last Stand: Aftermath is a single-player rogue-lite action-adventure that’s coming to Steam next year, but you can back it on Kickstarter right now for rewards like beta access. Check it out below!

In The Last Stand: Aftermath, you’ll take control of a person who has already been infected by the zombie virus, and is leaving the enclave to make the most of their remaining days. You’ll need to sneak, scavenge, and fight your way across a series of randomly generated maps that make up the post-post-apocalyptic landscape. How far they go and what they accomplish – be it finding more supplies for the others or perhaps discovering the truth beneath the virus – is up to you. But when they die, you’ll take up the journey with a new character who benefits from the progress of the last.

The Last Stand: Aftermath is coming to PC next year, but by backing now, you can nab a spot in the betas. Due to start later this year, this will give you the chance to both play the game early and provide feedback to the team to help shape it, as well as interact with other players and the developers in a private Discord channel. A large chunk of the game is already playable, and since this is the biggest title in the series yet, we’re excited to help bring this to life with the support of the players.

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