The Mind of Loussi


Hi, could you introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do?
Hi, my name is Louis-Simon (louissi) and I live in Montreal, Canada. I am a flash games developer. I also studied in 3d animation and I am a pretty good artist. I like everything that is involved in the process of creating a game.

How and when did you first get involved in Flash games development?
I started using flash when I was 13. One of my teacher introduced me to the software and I really liked it. I started by animating stick mans but I moved to programming really fast. No one really knew how to code at my school so I had to learn by reading tutorials around the internet. I am really a self-thought person. My first game was about sheep simulation. You could buy sheep, shorn wool and send them to the butcher. I never finished that game but it was almost complete. I never stopped making experiments and starting games since then.

What was the first full game you completed?
I guess my first full game was Worms Level 1. Its a worm in the sewers killing zombie worms. It was decent. I really liked the worm idea, but it was too similar to the worms games.

How long was Neon Rider in development, and what were some challenges you encountered in developing it?
Neon Rider was a big project for me because it was the first time I was programing a game containing cars. It was a lot of work to learn, but in the end, by using Box2d I was able to code the movements of the game really fast. The whole game took around 2 or 3 weeks to complete. The part I most enjoyed was drawing the motorcycle and designing the look of the game.

What do you like most about Neon Rider?

When I started the project, I created a map editor. I really enjoyed creating levels and hopefully soon we will be able to share the map editor with all the users from ArmorGames to see everyone’s creativity.

What inspired you to create Age of War? What aspects of the game do you think made it so popular?
I started making a defense game, and I was looking for an interesting idea for the units. The game started with a gravity gun and etc, but I scrapped the idea and decided to make some “evolutions”. I was playing a lot of Starcraft at the time, and I really liked custom maps. One of the big trend was the “EVOLVE” maps. You could evolve into different species and etc. I guess the idea stayed in my head. I wanted to represent the fact that at all ages of our civilizations, there has been war. I think the “Ages” in the game made it popular. You just want to see what the units will look like in the next age.

Do you have any new games in the works or planned for the future?

I am currently working a on top-view survival shooter. I think there is some really nice elements in the gameplay that has not been combined in a flash game before. It will be a challenge to balance the game well, but its gonna be worth it. I am sure everyone will enjoy the game.

What are your favorite console games?
Castle Crashers
Pixel Junk Shooter
Soul Calibur 4

I only play FPS on PC, I hate aiming with a controller. On PC I play modern warfare 2 and I used to play a lot of counter-strike source.

When you are not developing games what are some things you enjoy doing?
I like to play games. I also play tennis and badminton. Being with my girlfriend or simply hanging out with friends when I can. I am a pretty normal dude, who is always working hard. I like to work.

Do you follow the winter Olympics? If you had to compete, which sports would you most likely compete in?
Haha, that’s a good question. By the way, the Olympics are in my country this year! Go Canada! TO answer the question, I would probably do some skeleton. Their helmets are awesome and the adrenaline rush seems incredible. I admire these athletes going at 100 km/h while lying on a luge face first.

I hope you got to know me better and I hope everyone will enjoy my games. I really put all my heart to make games that are fun to play.

~Thanks for reading!