Top 10 Games of 2019

It’s that time again you fine folks, where we look back at the games we’ve released across the past year that you all enjoyed the most. We’ve collected the highest rated games released across 2019 and compiled them here for all to see.

Note: This list reflects the current user ratings on the site at the time of writing. Additionally, we have opted to include only the highest rated game in a series to avoid any one series in particular from dominating the other entries. If there are other titles you were hoping to see, let us know in the comments below!

#10 – Incremental Popping, Oct 28 (93/100)

Kicking the list off with Diamonax’s Incremental Popping. This simple puzzle game tasks you to Pop the first ball wisely and try to create the longest chain reaction you can! You can buy upgrades to facilitate this, improve your chances and get all the achievements of the game! A title of Diamonax’s that released just two weeks earlier hit number 2 of our Top October Games.

#9 – The Dark One, Apr 12 (93/100)

Tenfor’s prequel to their Landor Quest Series lands next on the list, allowing players to take on the role as the Wizard Varthen. As the world of Landor expands before you, take your first steps back into the world and explore the lands before the the rise of The Dark One.

#8 – Day of Meat, Feb 8 (93/100)

Day of Meat by Lampogolovii has been and continues to be one of the highest trafficked page across the year of 2019. Beaten only by a few of our strongest all-time contenders, and a few other of its companions found on this list. How long can you survive until your building collapses under the heavy pressure of the meaty incoming attackers.

#7 – Hexologic, Mar 20 (94/100)

Stepping back into the puzzle-solving field, mythicowl’s Hexologic allows you to immerse yourself in the beautiful worlds they created. Solve challenging, yet rewarding puzzles to the backdrop of relaxing music and sudoku-inspired atmosphere.

#6 – A Grim Chase, Nov 15 (95/100)

A relative newcomer to the party, Jronn’s, “Grim” series took the site by storm in their various iterations. A Grim Chase being the strongest contender of the three thus far. The series encapsulates a casual puzzle-platformer, hearkening back to the dungeon crawling days of old.

#5 – Blue, Sep 13 (95/100)

From the other end of the spectrum, longtime developer and friend of Armor, Bontegames, launched the next in their “color” series. These logic-based problem solving games offer minimal explanation and require you think outside the box in order to reach their solutions. The color series have consistently performed highly in all their iterations thus-far.

#4 – Sabotage, Oct 22 (95/100)

In deepnightfr’s Ludum Dare 45 submission, you ARE Colonel Jean-Francois Hubert of the French army. With only your wits, grit and your birthday suit to your name. Can you improvise, adapt and overcome the obstacles and prove that you’re the badass hero you were meant to be?

#3 – Rogue Fable III, Mar 26 (95/100)

As we move away from the more abstract choices, we take a hard turn back to the classics with PixelForgeGames. In Rogue Fable III, we return to the challenging tactics and strategy of the classic roguelikes of old. Designed from the ground up to be winnable within an hour of game-play. Do you have what it takes?

#2 – The Final Earth 2, Jul 29 (96/100)

Champion of gaming Flori9 was just barely edged out of the top of the list this year with their fantastic building and resource management series, The Final Earth 2. Earth has become unlivable. Gather resources, improve your colony and research your way to a better tomorrow!

Before we reach the end, here are a few other high performing titles that were either just edged out, or had other fellow titles rate higher on the site.

Honorable Mentions:

#1 – Gragyriss, Captor of Princesses Jan 3 (96/100)

The Captor of Princesses by SnowRoadGames came out the gate swinging this year and has consistently remained at the top of the charts for the full year. The only titles to outscore them were titles whose longevity on Armor Games could only be described as legendary. The life of Gragyriss is simple. As a dragon, you will devour lambs, grow stronger, raid human settlements and of course, kidnap beautiful princesses. How will you defend your treasures?

2020 is kicking off as a mixed bag, with several ups and downs all around. As we continue to advance forward, learn and grow from the past year and venture into a shimmering unknown future. We are sincerely grateful to have you all along for the ride with us. Thank you for gaming with us over the years, and into the foreseeable future.

Happy 2020 from all of us at Armor Games!

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