Top 5 Armageddon Games

Is it the end of the world (as we know it)? Well, I feel fine. You may ask: “How can you be so calm, Ferret?”. If the Mayans are right, and the world ends in a fiery mess, I’ll have these games to keep me entertained during the apocalypse



Run Right

The apocalypse is happening… RIGHT NOW! As the last dinosaur, ride and shoot your way from San Francisco to New York in a desperate attempt to avoid the inevitable TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF THE EARTH. Or something?


Infectonator World Dominator

Maybe the end of the world won’t be as simple as a planet realignment or a fiery meteorite.  Perhaps it will be a zombie outbreak, and you’ll be the evil mastermind to make it happen. Infectonator has you spreading disease from person-to-person until the whole world is infected brain-munchers!



Earn to Die 2012

If Infectonator is right and the end of the world involves zombies, the thing you’ll most most is a really good truck.  Preferably a truck with 4-wheel drive, a huge snorting V8 engine, and huge spiked tires. Then nothing’s gonna break your stride, nothing’s gonna slow you down, oh no. You got to keep on moving!



Disaster Will Strike

Egg-ercise your thirst for wanton destruction by destroying eggs with various natural disasters. Earthquakes, tornadoes and Meteors are just part of your devastating arsenal to create a prehistoric version of scrambled eggs.  What will you eat with your eggs at the end of the world sir?



The Last Stand – Dead Zone

Zombies, we talked about them earlier.  But maybe you’re friends want to join in the preparation of the zombie invasion, Dead Zone provides that fun.  Learn how to construct a base that will repel the hungry intruders and invade local buildings to gather weapons and food for your fellow zombie-haters.


So there you have it! What to play while you’re huddled down in your basement, furiously gaming for your last minutes on Earth. Or during all the boring moments coming up over the next couple weeks!