Upcoming Flash RPG: "Sonny"

It’s December now, so I thought I’d post a little update on the RPG that will be released this month 🙂

The game is going to be called “Sonny,” named after the main character of the game. You are a Zombie, and you wake up knowing nothing, except that you have to get off that ship that you’re on! The game will take you on a journey through a twisted world, as you are hunted by almost everyone: Ghost Samurai’s, Crazed Light Wielding Paladins, and even the GSG9 Special Forces!

So far the game’s engine is 100% done, but I still have to add more content and balance out the stats a bit. The biggest obstacle will definitely be the story-animations… I’m really slow at that! But the game itself will pack in a lot of fun! There will be 3-4 classes for you to choose from, and they will all have different play styles… You can choose to build your character so that he deals insane burst damage, or you can play a powerful healing/support role, or a tank/survival build.

The combat will be turn based, but they will be a lot of strategy involved. I’m trying to steer away from the stat-building, attack-spamming nature of RPGs, so I included some aspects that will turn that around, such as buffs which reverse damage and healing, stuns to interrupt the enemy and cool-downs on abilities.

Once it has been released, I plan to add a new level (10 fights + Boss) every month, or 2 weeks, so that people may continue with their characters 🙂 And I warn you… Some of those end-game bosses will be hardcore…!

That’s all for now! I might have an open-beta in a couple of days to get some express feedback before the game goes live, in which case I’ll let you know!


P.S. Some screenies:

The opening level:
The opening stage of the game.

Your Inventory:
Your inventory and character stats screen!

Your Equipment and Team Setup:
Character equipment and team setup page.

Ability Tree:
The 'Abililty Tree.'

Medic! MEDIC!