Upgrade Complete just doesn't seem Upgradey enough.

A little while ago I made a game called Upgrade Complete, and people seemed to like it a bit. But I always thought that for a game centred on upgrades it didn’t have quite enough of them.
I’ve received countless emails accusing me of not stuffing enough Upgrades into the game, but trust me, I don’t think it’s even possible to. How many upgrades would be enough for you? 50? 60? How about over 100 types of upgrade and the chance to hear that upgrade sound OVER 500 TIMES IN TOTAL.

Well let me tell you this. It’s impossible, and you’ll never get that kind of game. Especially not on April 1st.

In the mean time, I stumbled across this nice little review someone posted up earliar today. He seems to know his stuff, and is a fair reviewer.