Vote for “Birthday Wish” & win an iPad!

Attention Armor Games Members!

A close friend of Armor Games (Kevin Willson) has made the Top 5 in this year’s Doritos – Crash the Superbowl Contest, for his commercial “Birthday Wish.”

We at Armor Games want to everything we can help “Birthday Wish” air during the Superbowl this year!

So here’s the deal:

We will be giving away an iPad, to the Armor Games member that helps us get as many votes for “Birthday Wish” as possible by January 31st, 2010!

And this is not just the ‘cheap’ model. We’re giving away a 64 gig, fully loaded, 3G iPad with all the ‘fixins’!

So if you want to help us get “Birthday Wish” in the Superbowl, and win an iPad, here’s you need to do:

Step 1.

Go to and submit your email. (Your email will be kept private! This is only to provide you your unique ‘share’ link to track your sharing and voting activity, and to contact you if you’re the winner!)

Step 2.

Check your email. Your email will include a link that you can vote from, as well as your own unique ‘share’ links for Facebook, Twitter & Email. To vote each day, you need to go to, and click on the Doritos Chip in the middle of the page. This will take you to the main Doritos site to vote!

Step 3.

Create an account with Doritos (takes just 2 minutes). Your email will be kept private. You only need to do this once. After that, you just login EACH DAY to vote for “Birthday Wish.”

Step 4.

After you vote each day, go back to your unique tracking link (in the email you receive) and use our ‘share’ icons for Facebook, Twitter, and Email, to encourage your friends to vote every day until January 31st!

Step 5.

Continue to vote EVERY DAY until January 31st, , and ‘share’ each day with all your friends. You can also vote for “Birthday Wish” on your smartphone at to get 1 extra vote each day!

Armor games will be tracking the contest via these unique ‘share’ links that you will be provided when you enter your email at

You will get credit for how many times you share, how many times you vote, how many times your friends sign up to vote from your links…etc, until January 31st, 2010!

Then we will announce the iPad winner on Feburary 1st, 2010! So lets go out there and help “Birthday Wish” get to the Superbowl!