Want to design a level for me and win $$$? (Update)

UPDATE 2: The deadline has passed, and I’m going to have some fun going though checking out the best levels. Thanks for he great response, guys! 😀

UPDATE: Version B2 is now Out, if you want to keep your saves from B1, make sure this new file is in the same folder as the old file. This version fixes the crashing problem discovered by Wurmy – thanks Wurmy! as well as allowing you to restart a preview without going to the editor.

Well well well, long time no speak, Armorblog readers! It’s me – remember me? Yeah I’m that guy who made that Shift game and that one with the tank that blows up when it runs out of fuel – magico tank I think it was called or something. Well anyway, you know how I love making level editors and then having people play with them? Well it’s that time again! Included in this post is the Level editor for my next original puzzle platformer – which I’ve named “The Greater Good”. And I’m after you’re levels!

“What’s in it for me?” I hear you cry, well as well as a credit in the final game due out the end of this month, I’m offering cash prizes (payed via paypal) for my top 5 favourite fan submitted level from my own hard earned Armor cash as well as Armor Games stickers for everyone who get’s a level featured in the final game!

Here’s a rundown of the prizes

$100 + Stickers for my favourite level
$50 + Stickers for my second favourite level
$25 + Stickers for third
$25 + Stickers for fourth
$25 + Stickers for fith
and stickers for everone who get’s a level included in the final game.

The only catch is the time limit! Can you get these levels done and posted on the Armor Forum at this link


Winners will be announced shortly after. 


Any questions, post them on the Armor Forum thread and I’ll do my best to answer them, but most of the functions of the editor are self explanatory, or are explained in inbuilt levels as well as the Youtube lessons I have produced found at this link



Here are the files
If you have the latest Flash Player, you can use the SWF version, this is a much faster download 

VERSION 2 – greater-good-lck_b1_swf1
If you are having trouble playing the swf version, here is a version with the player built in (Windows only)

VERSION 2 – greater-good-lck_b1_projector1