Warfare 1944

Warfare 1944 the WW2 sequel to the original is in development and is scheduled to be released in late June. Here’s what to expect:

– New unit types
– 3 Flank Deployment System
– Strategic cover system
– New resource based unit production
– New mission types, such as Defence and Objective missions
– All new Campaigns and Skirmish Maps
– All new Upgrade trees

Rising out of the trenches and onto the battlefield of Normandy, Warfare 1944 sees the U.S Army take on the German Wermacht.

Gameplay has been overhauled giving a more strategic and in-depth experience than that of the first game. New unit types, support mechanics and the new cover system will dramatically change the way the Warfare series is played.

Here’s a few screenshots taken during the course of development at different stages:
warfarestreets warfare1944 warfarebeach