Warfare Legacy Collection

We're thrilled to announce that the Warfare Legacy Collection is officially coming to Steam! You've battled through the trenches of WW1 and strategized across the fields of WW2 in Warfare 1917 and Warfare 1944, making these games some of the most beloved titles in our classic flash game portfolio.

Now, we're bringing these iconic experiences from Con Artist Games to Steam, bundling them together for both veterans and newcomers alike. We're excited to share that the Steam page for the Warfare Legacy Collection is now live. Wishlist the game today!

Revisit the iconic battlefields of WW1 in Warfare 1917, leading the British or German forces through historic trenches, and then switch to the pivotal moments of WW2 in Warfare 1944, with the choice of commanding the U.S Forces or the Wehrmacht. The Warfare Legacy Collection brings these classics together with their original spirit and challenge, ensuring a familiar yet fresh experience for all players.

Wishlist Warfare Legacy Collection on Steam today!

  • The Armor Games Team