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Where are you from?

Posted Dec 14, '12 at 8:33am



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I live in Australia somewhere on the East.

I'll like to travel to either Japan because of the animes and mangas or the US for no particular reason.

What I like about my area? I really don't know...


Posted Dec 14, '12 at 10:21am



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i live in israel close to the dead sea.

i wish i lived in the usa.

....cant think of anything unfortunately. anyone who knows me knows id rather live in america.

i dont care much about traveling but i guess japan would be nice


Posted Dec 14, '12 at 11:49am



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New York
I would like to go to Africa or Italy some day, as I am Italian and could possibly see relatives. And other italian stuff, like rome.
I live in NY, whats not to like?


Posted Dec 14, '12 at 12:37pm



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I live in Ireland.
I'd love to go to America/Australia.

I don't like too much about my area..


Posted Dec 14, '12 at 4:35pm



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I live in New Hampshire. Whoo! I don't think I've ever seen another person that lives here on here...
Hmmm... I guess I like that I live close enough to cities to travel to them but far enough away to be pretty secluded. There's not a whole lot else to do here...
I have this weird desire to travel to Ireland and Scotland. I have no idea why.


Posted Dec 14, '12 at 5:13pm



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I live in NY, whats not to like?

The Mets

I don't think I've ever seen another person that lives here on here...

AG really needs to hold a meeting for us community members so we can all meet each other and stand there awkwardly for a few minute then walk away

Posted Dec 14, '12 at 5:56pm



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I live in Alberta
I think it would be fun to go to some European places like Ireland, Scotland and England. I also have a desire to go to Antarctica. No idea why.... I guess it might be interesting!


Posted Dec 14, '12 at 6:09pm



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I live in Croatia, it is a small country in Europe =P
I want to travel in America because i want to see my cousin
i like place where i live because here we have nice see and we have a lot of nice people who are my friends


Posted Dec 14, '12 at 6:22pm



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I live in both Indiana and Ohio.

I would tour Japan just for the food.

The reason I like living here is because my friends are here and only here. (not counting you guys of course)


I bet you don't live anywhere near Cinncinatti.

Posted Dec 14, '12 at 7:04pm



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I live in brussels. It is a terrible place to live but when I open my eyes and look within I am satisfied with the life I'm living. I know everyone there and it is a really friendly place to live.

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