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Do you believe secret societies exist?

Posted Mar 14, '13 at 9:43pm



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Check this out

This is complete insanity.

Posted Mar 14, '13 at 11:34pm



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Check this out: my Dad's Blog.
It is a new blog, but it tells the truth.

All it does is preach groundless bigotry and leap at unrelated coincidences.

I agree with KentyBK. It's complete insanity.

Read it, I advise you, and don't hide yourself from the truth.

I read it. Nowhere is there any sort of evidence or proof included. The blog was only a rant about random things and vitriol against Jews and any sort of authority. The Vigilant citizen was exactly like every other conspiracy site, insinuating whatever they want to see into everything.

Don't say I am just another one of those theorists.

You are, though.

Posted Mar 15, '13 at 12:59pm



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Don't say I am just another one of those theorists.

I agree with Kasic; you are. You speak about an abundant amount of proof, but all you have are other people's paranoid opinions, and why? Just because you can't simply settle with the fact that artists like to fiddle with people's mind and make jokes. Oh, and because of taking things too literally.

It's the same with all those theories, really; if you believe something to be, you will find a lot of "evidence" satisfying yourself. You are not looking at facts and making a rational conclusion; you are starting from the assumption that they do exist, which makes all your "conclusions" biased and worthless.

Posted Mar 15, '13 at 7:55pm



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Their answer: Because of good people in them that realize what they are doing is wrong and are giving us hints when the Illuminati does something.

Are they even all that good if they don't tell us outright of their existence?

Just to show how easy it is to make a conspiracy theory.
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