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Is music more about your "Group" now?

Posted Feb 15, '13 at 8:38am



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I like classic rock, for example:

lynyrd skynyrd.

led zeppelin.

the police

the beatles

and that's about it.
But, as I have figured out, one of my /favorite/ bands is a crunk band. It's called Family Force 5.

I can't stand:

boy band pop

any non-old kind of rap (run-DMC is epic)

and thats all I can think of...


Posted Feb 15, '13 at 4:36pm



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Oh, the stoners listen to classic rock, the "Popular" kids are into electronic and the emos are all about metal. Which one are you?

Really? This is nothing like that in my area

Stoners - Rap (Lil Wayne, Gucci, etc kind)
"Popular" - Pop/country
Emos/scene - -core

As for "group" (or friends I mostly hang out with) all have different taste in music

DWF - She listens to dubstep, glitch hop, -core, and hard rock
My bestfriend - Hers are hard to explain...commonly female singers, unheard of bands (I think she is like the only person in our state that listens to 'em..), punkish/emo style
FrozenNinja117 - Alternative Rock
Myself - Primarily heavy metal (or stuff like extreme metal, progressive metal, fusion metal, folk-metal, etc..basically: metal)
Then some others that listen to random assortments...not important for listing

Our constant is the overlying rock category.
Plus, we do have variations in our music choice. Like my electronic music (Kraftwerk, Ratatat, etc) for example

Posted Feb 15, '13 at 7:26pm



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Congrats, they most likely don't mind that you think about all that stuff, but that you say it in such a way that you seem like a know-it-all.

Well I guess I did write that post in a really smarmy tone so I was asking for it.

Sometimes niche fans really grind my gears when they start labelling everything they don't listen to as crap (i.e. "everything except..."). That's precisely when I start being really condescending and uppity, in as public a manner. It's not for that person's edification, I merely aim to demonstrate the absurdity of this wankery in general by showing them how little they really know about music. I know this isn't making me sound any better a person, but a lot of these people talk **** about these things as if they know something, when they don't, and sometimes it's up to people with expert knowledge in the field to set them straight :P

Posted Feb 15, '13 at 7:58pm



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I have too many groups and too little time to delve into deeper music discussion.

Also, it is particularly hard to answer the question, "What type of music do you like?". More recently, I'm in a recurring phase of piano and newly found electro-swing. Though, I still offset with some dubsteppy glitch hop, electro-jazz, and echo-ey pop. This is not including bands I don't know how to classify.

It's easier to just say 'Alternative' and move the discussion to less allotriomorphic subjects.


Posted Feb 15, '13 at 7:58pm



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I just listen to whatever comes on the radio. Most of the time these days it's crap. And when the radio music is horrible, I listen to my lovely Beatles and Billy Joel and Simon&Garfunkel music. And when I don't feel like listening to THAT, I listen to the Japanese music my friend put on my iPod, because I have no idea what they're saying but the music is great.
I know at least two of my friends listen to The Beatles, but I'm not sure if that's just us being special or something eveyone does.


Posted Feb 15, '13 at 10:00pm



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My little "clique" I guess you could call it could care less about music these days.. ;D


Posted Feb 15, '13 at 11:13pm



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My little "clique" I guess you could call it could care less about music these days.. ;D

Mind if I join that clique? I don't even listen to music except once in a longggg while.

But really, if you went off the reasoning of only hanging around people who like the same thing you do, you would never get to know anybody, or find any other interests.

Posted Feb 16, '13 at 2:35am



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It really depends. What do Les Miserables, Serph, and Pegboard Nerds have in common? I mean, a musical, jazztronica, and electro / EDM... Shall I mention a band like Disillusion or August Burns Red? Metal in a very general case... Or Swing music?

I guess anything that makes me want to dance or headbang. And even then... Hmeh. Forget it.


Posted Feb 16, '13 at 5:21am



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its all really stupid. sometimes music does reflect the persons personality but often it doesnt. its true though that people of the same group (shallow group) will listen to the same music. and it also changes in locations. over here the cool kids used to listen to mizrahi (arab style) music, while the "outcasts" (those who belonged to cool groups but wanted to feel special) listened to metal and rap.

i had like 5 people in my "group" (we werent a group, just friends). i liked emotional melodies from movies, video games and animes, one liked classical music, one like rock n roll and pop and i have no idea what the other 2 liked.

and you dont just like one style of music. i really dont like metal and jazz but i have found a few songs from those categories that i liked.

do you know how many "groups" exist that listen to the same SINGER and not just style? i really do believe its usually people who have no deep traits and have to base their relationships on something like music. i bet half of them know nothing about music or dont even care about music at all


Posted Feb 16, '13 at 8:43am



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Hi, folks.

Well, if I were looking for a group solely for the music genre I'd have to look for a long time. People in my country mostly listen to brazilian funk and low-end pop, and I totally despise those kinds of music - pop is not that bad, but brazilian funk is torturing, trust me.

But it seems I naturally avoid people who listen to that music style. And that makes it easy.

My friends group has mixed tastes of music, but they all seem to be similar.

I like videogame soundtracks, alternative rock (i.e. Arcade Fire), punk rock and some other kinds of rock (I like the bands System of a Down, for example), but I can also enjoy electronic and dubstep. I also like classical music.

One of my friends is a die-hard fan of dubstep. The other, likes game soundtracks and Pink Floyd, while another enjoys Dragonforce - which is awesome - and the other likes System of a Down and electronic/dubstep.

My group of friends was formed mostly due to multiplayer games and so, and not because of music genres, but it seems they are not that different. Or at least, as we're friends, we suggest musics to each other, and that've influenced on other's taste.

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