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Posted Mar 27, '14 at 2:35pm



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Same here, I can now get through to Cursed Treasure 2 (although I already finished it on Kongregate). Thanks very much for fixing this, I am now returning


Posted Mar 27, '14 at 3:33pm



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Yes, there has been an update in the wrapper that may fix this issue for some users. Glad to hear you got it fixed.

Thank you VERY much!

My gratitude will be apparent when I purchase Premium for GemCraft Chapter 2 (it's a no-brainer).

Posted Apr 6, '14 at 11:45am



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-If you refresh the page a few times, does it start working? Or even if you refresh a dozen times, it's the same result. = Refresh no change
-Where are you playing from. Home, work, school? =Home
-Which browsers have you tried? =Chrome, Firefox,
-Is this for all games, or some games? =Most Games--Flash
-What anti-virus, firewall, security software do you currently have installed? =Avast
-Can you access and watch YouTube videos normally? =Yes
-What region are you located in? =USA-East Coast
-When did these problems start happening? =Off and on for about 2 weeks then completely as of 2 days ago.
-When there is a black screen, do you hear anything or is it silent? =Silent
-Can you play MMOs on our website? =Some MMO
-Is your internet connection direct to the wall, or is it going through a router of some sort?= router.
-Do you use any sort of ad blocking software? =Disabled no change


Posted Apr 7, '14 at 4:44pm



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Seems most of these issues are now add-ons, the few I've fixed. If you need further help, could you please e-mail me at with the title of the e-mail being "Black Screen Blues". I'll do what I can.