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Posted Mar 27, '14 at 2:35pm



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Same here, I can now get through to Cursed Treasure 2 (although I already finished it on Kongregate). Thanks very much for fixing this, I am now returning :)


Posted Mar 27, '14 at 3:33pm



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Yes, there has been an update in the wrapper that may fix this issue for some users. Glad to hear you got it fixed. :)

Thank you VERY much! :D

My gratitude will be apparent when I purchase Premium for GemCraft Chapter 2 (it's a no-brainer).

Posted Apr 6, '14 at 11:45am



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-If you refresh the page a few times, does it start working? Or even if you refresh a dozen times, it's the same result. = Refresh no change
-Where are you playing from. Home, work, school? =Home
-Which browsers have you tried? =Chrome, Firefox,
-Is this for all games, or some games? =Most Games--Flash
-What anti-virus, firewall, security software do you currently have installed? =Avast
-Can you access and watch YouTube videos normally? =Yes
-What region are you located in? =USA-East Coast
-When did these problems start happening? =Off and on for about 2 weeks then completely as of 2 days ago.
-When there is a black screen, do you hear anything or is it silent? =Silent
-Can you play MMOs on our website? =Some MMO
-Is your internet connection direct to the wall, or is it going through a router of some sort?= router.
-Do you use any sort of ad blocking software? =Disabled no change


Posted Apr 7, '14 at 4:44pm



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Seems most of these issues are now add-ons, the few I've fixed. If you need further help, could you please e-mail me at [email protected] with the title of the e-mail being "Black Screen Blues". I'll do what I can.