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My first post and guide here for the game Sinjid, I hope it helps out some folks.

I'll try to upload each classes gameplay of the bosses and give out tips (for now just the warrior).
Will update more after I get some sleep.

Basic Tips:
Wall Jumping:
Press the jump key while sliding against a wall to perform another jump.

Food and Drinks:
Don't forget food and drinks also give you buffs and not just heal you out of combat.

Try and block attacks that you can't avoid to mitigate damage.

Boss Fight Guides:
Click on the boss names to watch a youtube video of said boss fights.

Bandit Hill Boss - Mad Lord Yuji
Avoid him if he glows red as he deals increased damage.

White Forest Boss - Warlord Izumi
Try to jump every now and then as you may dodge his shadow dash move. Also interrupt his heals if you can.

Burial Grounds Boss - Warlord Niroshi
Make sure you deal with the risen ASAP because if you don't deal with them they will eventually mob you to death. It is recommended to disrupt him while he is trying to summon the risen.

Dai'Jin Mines Boss 1 - Lady Akari
Disrupt her fireball casting and dodge her fireballs just as she's about to release them and jump in for the kill.

Dai'Jin Mines Boss 2 - Dai'Jin Lord
He heals/blocks more damage the more you attack him in a short time frame.
The key to this fight is to burst him down with 1 or 2 attacks (Don't use multi hit strikes) run away and wait for his green shield to disappear and repeat til dead.

Venomwoods Boss 1 - Ryota the Sly
Reduce healing debuffs are useful for this fight e.g Doom Blade.
Has high regeneration so lay down the pain and interrupt his poison bolts (don't bother dodging them as they can track you).

Venomwoods Boss 2 - Lord Takeshi
Just like Ryota healing debuffs are useful for this fight.
Try to disrupt his poison cloud and just continue to damage him.

Shogun Palace Boss 1 - Haddaku the Swift
He will occasionally summon a clone of himself although it disappears fairly quick so just focus on bringing down the boss.

Shogun Palace Boss 2 - Warlord Asura
Try to interrupt or avoid his high slashing damage move as it deals HIGH damage. Later on in the fight he will use a blue shield which renders him inactive but will heal him while its active so attack him while he is doing this (healing debuffs are useful here). Try to avoid him while he is glowing red as he deals increased damage.

Side Quests:

Ryomura Village:
Setsuko The Cook - Talk to her for a free riceball.

Sutaku the Grey - Find the Lineage scroll located at the White Forest (the scroll is inside of a chest at a house with a mountain symbol)
Reward: 2 Handed Weapon: Ice - 39 Damage + 11 Strength

Eiji the Alchemist - Get him a sample of the Izumi water from a well at The White Forest.
(Hidden Location found just after the Izumi Elite behind a bamboo patch, press spacebar to enter)
Note: Scout Eri will tell you if you talk to her again at the entrance of The White Forest about the hidden location.
Note: This is a repeatable quest.
Reward: Consumable - Enhanced Water

Aoi the Gourmet - Find a ghost mushroom in the Burial Grounds (random drop from mobs there).
Reward: Hands - Lightning Grips 8 Intellect + 17 Agility + Reflex

Baru The Drunk - Purchase European wine from the Dutch trader Karl Fredrick who resides at the far right end of the Emerald Temple.
Reward: Trinket: Lucky Cat Amulet - 8 Intellect + 8 Vitality + Lucky

Emerald Temple:
Alchemist Keito - Available after completing the Dai'jin Mines.
He will ask you to get a sample of poison in the Venomwoods which is located in a pot where you fight Ryota the Sly.
Note: Make sure you bring an empty bottle along.
Reward: 1 Handed Weapon: Acidic Blade - 30 Damage + 9 Intellect + 14 Agility + Toxicty

Noble Saburo - Available after completing the Venomwoods
He will ask you to get some Fancy Robes located in one of the two chest next to each other in the Shogun Palace where the chests are being guarded.
Note: To reach this room get to the first indoor area of the Shogun Palace and take the furthest right door (There should be a
Shogun Assassin with his back towards you and a Shogun Mage.
Note: In this room there are 2 Shogun Retainers, 1 Shogun Assassin and 1 Shogun Mage (A scene should also take place saying something about
Note: Can be easily bypassed by using a Shadow Potion purchased from the dutch trader Karl Fredrick (make sure you buy 2, 1 to get to the
end of the room and another to get back).
Reward: Amulet of Focus - 20 Intellect + 30 Focus + Trance and 150 gold

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Warrior super tank build:

Level 2: Iron Discipline 1/2
Level 3: Iron Discipline 2/2
Level 4: Brutal Advantage 1/3
Level 5: Brutal Advantage 2/3
Level 6: Brutal Advantage 3/3
Level 7: Concentrated Brew 1/2
Level 8: Doom Blade 1/3
Level 9: Doom Blade 2/3
Level 10: Doom Blade 3/3
Level 11: Blood Thirst 1/2
Level 12: Blood Thirst 2/2
Level 13: Heavy Armor 1/5
Level 14: Avenger 1/3
Level 15: Avenger 2/3
Level 16: Avenger 3/3
Level 17: Heavy Armor 2/5
Level 18: Heavy Armor 3/5
Level 19: Heavy Armor 4/5
Level 20: Heavy Armor 5/5

It turns Hard Mode into Easy Mode. Almost every boss can be rolled over with a bare minimum of strategy.

The hardest enemy with this build is actually the Shiroda Priest because your low speed makes it hard to dodge her attacks. Try to ignore her summoned buddies and save your Slam to disrupt her homing Spirit Blade. The only good part is she doesn't heal much. If you get in trouble, hit somebody with Doom Blade and run away to get healed by Blood Thirst.

I found it depressing how easy it is to win by basically just hitting everything with a big stick.

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Hard difficulty, differences from easier difficulties:
- spikes mean instant death to the protagonist too. To get equipment from enemy fallen there hit space at the edge.

Area 1:
skills to take: 1 heavy armor (without this you suffer too high damage), 1 iron disciple (it heals you and fuels Slam), 1 avenger (extra damage)

Area 3:
skills to take: 3 avenger, 3 brutal advantage (stun means both free damage and free health and free cooldown time)

Area 4:
skills to take: concentrated brew 2, iron disciple 2 (heals % of the damage you cause, not your maximum health!),
Final boss: every time when you damage him he gains a buff what heals him when you hit him while the buff is active. So use only Slam against him, and you'll be fine. When Slam misses, just hit him with anything else and because of brutal advantage he'll be stunned.
suggested equipment: iron heart (reduces enemy critical chance by 15%)

Area 5 (Venomwood):
Bossfight: before you go in buy a Stealth Potion. When you find the place you can get the venom sample skip the fighting and get the sample, go back town, and buy Emerald Spear in case you didn't find Venom Fury (they deal 65-70 dmg plus stats). The key is to interrupt his castings. These are the ways: first is if you stun him, his casting is interrupted. Second: Slam interrupts casting. An extra chance is that if you start to jump around just before he releases his venom spell you might be able to last long enough the projectile blows up before reaching you.
Bossfight II (Lord Takeshi): this moron regenerates 80 health per second what's insane. So respec and take doom blade + bloodthirst instead of avenger (did not try what happens if you do change the picking order of avenger and this two). Then you have to bash him as hard as you can, and either disrupt him with Slam when he starts casting, or run away imediatelly to not be effected by his poison cloud (what even stuns you).

***Working on the rest***

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Warrior, Hard Difficulty

Area 6 (Shogun's Palace):
Bossfight 2: the guy heals a lot AND has a high strike, so respec:
skills to have for the last fight: iron disciple, brutal advantage, concentrated brew, heavy armor, doom blade. All maxed. Bloodlust heals to little and Doomblade's healing-lowering is bloody useful.

Do NOT try to hold anything just to disrupt his casting (he can hit after the long casting 1000, with critical 2000 HP). It doesn't happen regular enough, and you're better off dealing as much damage as possible. When he starts charging his attack jump away!
There is two ability of him (not including your brutal advantage stun) when he'll just stand there doing nothing.Both will be signed by a rotating circle around him. When that happens hit him from BEHIND - the extra damage has key-importance. The blue ring heals him and you can go through him, the red ring is unknown, and you can't pass him (jump above his head to get behind).

Area 7:
Bossfight 2: This boss has three ability: a massive healing, a melee damage reflection, and a strong ranged attack.
You can't counter his abilities, so you have to hit hard, and run away when the Blood Mirror buff is on him. When he shoots his projectile jump up while running away, then when the missile if high enough turn around and try to run pass under it, jumping through the enemy until the projectile dissolves.
Most important here fro the warrior is to get healed. So Enchanted Brew 2 is a necessity as well as healing from Iron Disciple.
This fight is long, but don't give up if you get low on HP as you can heal back fast with a little luck.

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Warrior, Hard Difficulty

Area 8 (last but one area):
Bossfight 1:
he has a "full heal" ability and deadly charge. The key is to disrupt his healing, else all your work is for nothing. Rely on your Brutal Advantage stuns as much as possible, meaning use Slam to disrupt only when his casting-bar is almost full.
To differenciate the two ability he uses watch the casting time. If it is filled relatively fast (1-2 seconds), then it is "only" deadly charge, so you'll suffer some "minor" damage, so don't use Slam. If it takes longer, then Slam him at all cost, or if it is still recharging hope with all your heart that Brutal Advantage will be recharged in time instead. He can randomly drop Resosnant Gem, what gives 9 to all prime stats.
Bossfight II: this again takes a while, but not at all hard. First: he likes to go invisible. Nothing you can do against it, so when this happens crouch to block the coming attack. Otherwise just keep bashing his head. Because of his movability it is a good idea to go into a corner and do the whole fight there.
He can drop Kasumi's Knife (51 dmg, 16 def, 9 AG), what gives a nice damage with Obsidian Kunai (50 dmg, 34 AG, precision, found in a fixed chest) for an assassin. Possibly. Both item stats with good quality.

Note: I currently have 4 skillpoints left. It is a good idea to buy stuff in the village at this point starting the last area with strong stuff. On lower difficulties you should use up your gems, and you'll easily win (Kazuro will have only a ton of HP but nothing else, so you just have to be able to last long enough).

Note II: Any gem what gives anything else then quality-incrisement gives its bonuses as an unremovable buff. So you can't have double income if you use two crystal for example (this means you can go and use up any gem you have a multiply time as early as you want. Keep in mind though that quality-incrise for all pieces of your very end equipment is a good thing, so even if you don't get twice the buff, it worth preserving gems what give quailty incrise).

Note III: any buff you get you can have once, no matter how many sources gives it to oyu. Also: from one source you can have only 1 ind of buff - meaning you'll have the buff from the latest food you ate. Potions (eg. potion of luck, potion of healing) give separate buffs, so preserving one from each type for the very last fight is suggested.

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I know this is stuipid but i dont know how to upgrade items with components can anyone help please?

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Warrior, Hard Difficulty

Area 9 (last area in the regular game):
Shiruda Priest (1st boss): her healing and spawning and teleporting is annoying. Spent the sotred 4 skillpoints into bloodthirst and deadly charge, then concentrated on her exclusively. Deadly strike deals a very large chunk of damage, so it is important that it hit. Hope you won't be blocked by spawned thingies.

Lady Shiori: she has 3 trick: an unavoidable charged spell what hits 3K+ HP, a teleport, and when she flies up and shoots poison bolts on you.
The trick is to catch the rythm. You must stun (brutal advantage) / disrupt (slam) her every siingle time she charges to avoid being fried. As you're slow (because of Heavy Armor) you must try to remain close. To achieve this you must not move much when she is fly-shooting, and try to manuever between the bolts (typically jump closer when the last bolt is released). This is a hard and tricky fight, but not unbeatable.

Shiruda Priest 2: this one is much harder, and has a company, whom you should separate before taking on the priest(ess?). Could not pass the priest yet, and I'm not sure how many fights are left.

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to upgrade items:
first you have to complete the whole Dajin Mines area to free the Smith. He'll reappear in the 2nd village, and from that it should be evident.

I restarted my assassin to be able to provide equipment-info and level-restrictions, so here is the first chunk:

Area 1:
armored boots boots 2 def, 3 vit (poor)
lesser sword 1h weapon 5 dmg, 3 def (normal)
bandit hat helm 2 def, 3 int, 4 agi (normal)
bamboo staff 2h weapon 11 dmg, 5 int (normal)
brute grip gloves 2 def, 3 str, 2 agi (norm)
bandit's key opens chest in area 1 -
lederhosen legs, chest 4 def, 4 str, 4 int, 5 agi (good)
crafted vest body, chest 5 str, 5 agi, 4 vit (good)
the mad blade 2h weapon 21 dmg, 6 str (good)
bandit armor body 4 def, 4 str, 9 vit (good)
regular enemy stops giving exp Lvl 5
boss stops giving exp Lvl 7

O, this is definitely not look as good as in an excel, so here is some help: first comes the name of the item. Second comes which slot it takes, and in case it is a unique item, "chest" or "quest reward" is added. Third comes the stats.
At the bottom of each area I'll give when the enemies stop giving any exp anymore.

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priest hard difficulty, skill choice (of mine) for area 1:
ghost strike 1 + spirit bearer 2

area 2 skill choice:
1 phantom, 3 summon shadow

assassin hard difficulty, skill choice (of mine) for area 1:
1 stun, 2 adrenaline

skill choice for area 2:
1 shadow reflex, 3 stun, 2 spectral dash

equipments of area 1 (addition to above):
mail leggings legs 5 def, 4 agi, 8 vit (good)

equipments of area 2:
iron sai 1h weapon 8 dmg, 5 def, 6 agi (excel)
frost figurine trinket 6 int, 10 focus (good)
goro's trinket trinket 3 str, 3 int, 3 agi, 3 vit (paragon)
lamellar helm helm 5 str, 2 int, 6 vit (norm)
spirit bo 2h weapon 14 dmg, 7 int, 3 agi (norm)
izumi helm helm 6 str, 4 agi, 3 vit (good)
tiger blood trinket 8 agi (good)
silver ring trinket 5 str, 4 vit (good)
iron kusari 1h weapon 11 dmg, 2 str, 2 agi (norm)
izumi sabatons boots, chest 3 def, 3 str, 5 agi, 4 vit (good)
iron spear 2h weapon 20 dmg, 11 str, 5 agi
small silver key opens chest in area 2 -
armor of winter body 9 def, 5 str, 9 vit (excel)
frost katana 2h weapon 17 dmg, 17 agi, cold strike (good)
marine leggings legs 2 def, 5 int, 7 agi, 2 vit (norm)
lamellar legguards legs 5 def, 5 str, 6 vit (norm)
plated vambraces gloves 2 def, 4 str, 2 vit (poor)
izumi's grip gloves 7 int, 3 agi, 3 vit (good)
regular enemy in first part stops giving exp Lvl 7
regular enemy in second part stops giving exp Lvl 8
boss stops giving exp Lvl 10
NOTE: there's no set to be found in this area.

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I know this is stuipid but i dont know how to upgrade items with components can anyone help please?

Once you rescue that one medic guy you have to go to the secnd village and talk to him.
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OMG. how does anyone ever defeat kazuro as an assassin?
I run away every time he does the purple cloud thingy.
but i get stuck with the blue slow down thingy anyway.
and between all the running-i try to cause as much damage as possible. but he hits me more. :|
i'm dying here.

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Doesn't matter, i just defeated him. :P
Persistence is the key.

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Let me ask, i cleared the Shogun Palace, completed the quest, said i will go after kazuro, but then there is no new place to go on the map, neither the "quest" signal, so i am stuck. Is it a bug or you need premium to go on?

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After clearing the Shogun Palace, go talk to Masaru to complete the quest, then talk to Midori to get the new quest.

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where can i find the dolls

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After you beat the boss in the Haruki Residence they're in chest in the next room.

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