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The original "This Thread is Currently About" is back! Yes, it's Count to 100!


1. Count by ones from 1 to 100 in 100 consecutive posts according to the Core Rules.
2. Restart the count from 1 after:
a. a Moderator (or an Administrator) posts if users and Knights are counting..
b. a user or Knight or Warden posts if Moderators and Administrators are counting.
c. breaking a core rule, spamming, or cheating.
d. reaching 100.
3. Announce why you restart the count so other counters don't get confused.


No mistakes. A count must start from 1 and increase by ones up to 100, save for exceptions noted.
No double-counting. No counter may count two consecutive numbers.
No back-to-back counting. No two counters may alternate for more than three consecutive numbers.
Okay: P1 P2 P1 P3
Not Okay: P1 P2 P1 P2
Okay: P1 P2 reset P1 P2
No editing. No counter may edit their post. If an edit tag shows on a count, the attempt is forfeit.


No "spamming". Please don't post only the number and please don't post gibberish, either.
Multiple one- or two-word counts may also disqualify a count.
No "cheating". This shouldn't need to be said. Counting to 100 doesn't count if you cheat.
This is an exercise in teamwork, not rule bending.
No "spoiling". Don't mess with the count. Posts should start with the correct number.
Posts with no numbers should be ignored. See also: No non-counts.
Posts with intentional mistakes should be ignored.
No "spilping". If this is your first post in this thread, please post "I'm new and here to count to 100!"
No non-counts. No counter may post without a counting number or make a post without bolding that number if that counting number is not at the start of the post.

Please refer to the complete set of rules for additional information and examples of what is valid or invalid.
Please also check out the discussion thread for new gameplay or rule proposals or general discussion on the gameplay and rules of "Count to 100".


Once you reach 100, you start this Sisyphean task all over again back at 1. Users should notify the Commissioner of the Count (HahiHa) that the count reached 100 and the Commissioner will review it to make sure there were no mistakes or cheating. If there were no mistakes or cheating, then the users who took part in the successful count to 100 will get a shiny new Quest!


bold = counted 100, italics = previous winning participant, [#] = # of total wins, (#) = # of times counted 100

Highest Count: 15!
1. 9! - 3865 (2533) pages / 286 days, Feb 13, '15 at 5:49pm, 3 users, 6 minutes.
Gantic, Ferret, weirdlike
Note: Earned by handicap.

2. 14! - 2135 pages / 937 days, Sep 08, '17 at 1:25pm, 3 users, 6 mins.
Moegreche, nichodemus, UnleashedUponMankind
Note: Earned by handicap.

1. 100! - 537 (355) pages / 94 days, Aug 6, '14 at 9:28pm, 16 users, 14 hrs 33 mins.
apldeap123, Azywng, Crickster, Chryosten (as Darkfire45), Darktroop07, evilsweetblock, JACKinbigletters, kalkanadam, Loop_Stratos, MPH_Complexity, Omegap12, Patrick2011, R2D21999, Snag618, Tactical_Fish, Voyage2


37. 100! - May 06, '18 at 04:59 am, 4 users, 37 mins.
Hardstrike (1)[7], PLGuy (1)[11], Majestic Fish (1)[10], sciller45 (1)[4]

38. 100! - July 03, '18 at 4:43 pm, 10 users, 10 days 23 hours 50 minutes.
sciller45 (1)[5], armorplayergc [18], abcdragon66 [3], PLGuy (2)[12], hirasthegamer, KatPryde [12], NietzTheBlitz, Yellowcat [4], akshobhya [9], TheMostManlyMan (1)[8]

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19. You guys are writing a whole book there!!

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20. @sciller45 In advance, I won’t be trying to change the captain xD As annoying as he may be, he’s connected (not credibly) to historical facts. And here’s about funerals. So first burning in a boat (drifting to Valhalla) and then burying the remnants + adding tumuli and runestones. They should be taking the ashes of close ones back to home but I guess that sending them to Valhalla is enough.

Vegeirr 2-3
He went outside and asked for Hammond. Torben informed him that the viking in question is searching the waters around for drifting bodies. So dutiful, Vegeirr thought, nevermind, that might wait.
Berserk had been helping the medic with tending the wounded after his own bruises were patched. This time there were no gashes due to the character of Kraken’s assault but wall-to-wall tentacles spared almost no-one. There had been even a case of crashed hand resulting in an amputation. Vegeirr remembered how he had heard Olaf’s scream despite a stick between the man’s teeth.
Of course that lucky sod, Captain Quickly, came to no harm - thanks to the ever-watchful eye of the Allfather, as he would say. He didn’t do much to help the wounded, being engaged by “planning”. Vegeirr thought how safer they could travel if they had a captain that cares more about his crew. But Quickly owned the Drakkar and the only way to change that fact could be achieved by a mutiny. For the new captain, berserk would vote for the healer for his courage and commitment during and after last battles. These were only thoughts though, warrior knew how important is cooperation in this environment. They had to avoid internal fights, every warrior mattered and besides captain had too many allies among the crew. He had taken a whole unit from Vestfold. Right now, Veigerr was boarding a rowboat with four of them and Torben who asked for assistance. They all took places and men started rowing in the other direction than the other boat.
Berserk was observing the four shieldmaidens chatting while he was working forcefully with the oar. Valkyries were quite pretty comparing to the other female warriors he had met. They had dark skins and bright hair. Three of them wore round shields painted in various colours, but all with the same sign: a big red V. Sága wielded a spear with bright blue shield, Sigrid a sword with yellow one, Freydis a hatchet with green one. The other one, Cecilia, equipped a long bow and a quiver of red-feathered arrows.
“There’s one, near the rocks.” Cecilia said pointing with one hand while shadowing her eyes from the glow with the other. At this point of day Yurlungur was shining immensely. As they rowed by, the body suddenly disappeared under water with a loud splash. They could see that this time scavenger wasn’t diving into the depths, instead it was swimming towards the rocky complex.
“Looks like there’s one of their nests.” deduced Torben “I hope I won’t have that pleasure of visiting it. At least not as a still-living guest.”

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21. CURSE YOU, MOBILE! I just wrote a chunk of text only for it to be redirected to mobile page. Peachy.

I read the article, but IMO it wasn't of much use to me. For example, if a viking army got completely crushed and the remaining had to bury the dead so they could go on to the afterlife, there wouldn't be enough resources to burn them all in ships or cremate them on land. And, if they went away to come back and bury, the corpses would be rotting, or in this case, eaten. Guess, I'll have to let fiction take over in this case.

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I have no popcorn
To eat during this drama.
I'll just gorge on rice.

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23. I watch Vikings (s06 is being released) and I didn’t see them doing anything to the dead after battles. There were just a few funerals, mostly of nobly born, once or twice there were actual boats sent on the sea. For the poorer they built makeshift boats from stones or sticks. After a battle when it’s near a city I think they just burn ones unclaimed, members of families or friends bury remnants of some. Also I wouldn’t exaggerate with casualties now. I could mean that there were 20 in total but of course I don’t give any exact measurements of anything - just so anyone can join and think of any crew member.

Finishing words of that part:

They have found another body in time. Shieldmaidens recognized one of their soldiers, so men hoisted him on the boat. After looting the corpse from anything that might prove useful they were about to row back. Then they’ve heard a noise coming from the rocks. Berserk surmised it was shrieking of monsters feasting on carrion. Echo made it impossible to guess the exact number of voices, it could be twenty, hundred… or even more. A cold shiver ran down Vegeirr’s spine.
Valkyries persisted on holding the custom of Norse funerals so they had to take the corpse back on the ship. After they had boarded, they found out there were still spare planks. Soon another warrior was sent on his way to Valhalla. Vikings keep insisting on ignoring the fact that before culprits get burnt, they get grabbed by carrion eaters. The only difference is that meat gets cooked. But a custom is a custom. Once again Vegeirr felt the need of hitting himself with the hammer in that stupid head when he started salivating at this scent. He would definitely like to eat something else than a fish for a change.

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24. Seriously, is someone compiling all of that?

I like Kat's idea, let's eat some rice.

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25. @sciller45 I have some things ready for Bjorn, so I’ll be throwing it slowly, but I’ll wait for another island with his plot. Also before the next encounter – I would prefer to fight cunning beasts that, say, use their 15-metre tentacles to keep distance and won’t let a single Viking to blind both their eyes with splinters of wood and then let him go :-P Many enemies were shown as stupid in fantasy worlds but just think about predators on the Earth – they all are strong but also intelligent to outwit the prey. Also a bit of balance would be great, unless you’re Thor xD I had to overcome some fear just to crush a big hornet, so even if I were the greatest warrior I wouldn’t jump into the water to fight Kraken without real weapons, well maybe blinded by emotions like when I had to save my wife or something. On the other hand, Thor could do that without fear and even fish for Jörmungandr between the blows. Hmm, similar names: Jörmungandr = Yurlungur? If Norsemen got to Australia too I’m just out of words.

Bjorn 3-1
Bjorn woke up from another dream hearing a disturbing sound. He controlled his first reflexes after seeing the milky white material, remembering what had happened the last time. Instead he took a deep breath and started palpating his ribs feeling moderate pain. It seemed that his injuries were miraculously well healed but he felt very hungry. He looked around and saw that he lies inside something like an earthy coffin. The bed felt soft and a little bit like moss on its surface. He eyed the material above again. It had resembled linen at first but only now did he see that it moves slightly as if shrinking and unshrinking. Bjorn spotted small slots on it that resembled skin pores. He touched the material, it felt like silk and to his amazement it rolled itself revealing the illuminated ceiling. Carefully, he stuck his neck out and then almost shouted hearing the noise again. It was something like breathing of a beast combined with flowing water. He looked into the direction where it came from. On a wall he saw a wide membrane conjoined to it. When the membrane lifted he felt draft.
Viking was naked and he saw his clothes lying below the blowing membrane. He slowly stood up and stepped from the weird coffin with coral moss. He looked around, now he saw that brown cave isn’t anything he’d seen before. Its surface was irregular and heavily porous and warrior could see a worrying regularity in shape. In the biggest pores he saw a glowing bluish substance. The floor was even weirder. It was smoother but reddish and lined with black vein-like wires. It was lined with 8 thick blackish seams. It looked as if these were 8 equal tongues stuck and holding together the brighter and sunken middle part. Bjorn could also spot some weird symbols and small objects on walls but decided to get dressed before inspecting them. He walked near the breathing thing. If not for the color, the film resembled unscaled fish skin people used in his tribe for window panes. He peeked into the uncovered round vent and saw good size gills. Am I inside a beast? he thought. He almost jumped when the membrane closed with a snap.
After dressing up, Bjorn walked up to a part of wall that had bluely glowing symbols. There were three of them…

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