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Welcome to Beat the User Above You With a Random Power! The game based on the Superpower Wiki.

The game is simple, roll three random powers by clicking this link and battle the user above you with your set. If you think your set of powers is no match for the user above you just say "I lose" or something to that effect.


R2D21999: I got Oil Manipulation

User 1: Ha, that's no match for my Water Manipulation.. I'll wash your oil away.

User 2: I got Fire Attacks I might be able to put up a good fight for a little while, but ultimately I'll be no match against your Water Manipulation.

By the way, please don't keep rerolling until you get an OP set. Remember, this is RANDOM powers. It pretty much defeats the purpose of the game if your powers aren't random.

If there aren't any questions, I'll just got started.

, Dance Manipulation, and Demonic Beam Emission

Let's see someone try to beat me.

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Gum Flight - The ability to use chewing gum to fly, typically by blowing it into a bubble.

Mass Defiance - The ability to ignore mass and anything associated with it.

Lust Aura - The ability to project an aura of pure lust.

The ability to fly using bubble gum is pretty neat in an of itself, but considering you can just manifest a gun and shoot me down I consider it useless here.

The ability to ignore mass has certain implications, but nothing offensive as I can see. One advantage is that I can ignore inertia and therefore accelerate / decelerate instantly without suffering any consequences. It also means I have no weight (since it is a measure of mass and gravity); I might be wrong but the way I see it, gum flight is not very well controlled flight, otherwise weightlessness would make me extremely agile but since I have to rely on a gum bubble, this is severely limited. No mass also means no gravitational forces, but my own gravitational force is already negligible....HANG ON! Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't simultaneously ignoring my gravitational forces and my inertia mean that I would essentially instantly remain at the same spot in space independent of anything around me? Depending on where I started, this means I either get squashed by Earth moving towards me, or get left behind by the entire solar system immediately, and die in space. .... OK nope this power is BS.

My only hope is lust aura. It all depends on how fast I manage to turn your head (heads?) before you kill me. That's it, that all I got. I don't even have any offensive power to finish you off. I think I lose.

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