Mod Faves

Mod Faves

Our Moderators have shared their favorite game on Armor Games below. From building to destroying to building and destroying, this list has games that they can’t or won’t stop playing. And who can blame them when some of these games are literally endless and full of possibilities?

Arm_CandyCrush the Castle 2 Players Pack

I would say Crush The Castle 2 Players Pack is my favorite. Of all the flash games I have ever played, it is the only one that I have continued playing for more than a year’s time. I attribute this to the castle builder, which allows players to build castles of their own. Sharing castles was the original reason I logged in every week and eventually every day, so if I were to express my activity as a cheesy metaphor, such as likening it to a tree, that game would be the seed.



FreakensteinBubble Tanks 2

My flash game of choice may be Bubble Tanks 2. I think I’ve played that more than any other flash game here. I’m a sucker for evolution games, the transformations of your protagonist into more than just stat development. This is kinda why I’m into Fire Emblem too, except FE has story to it. It’s just that Bubble Tanks has the evolution mechanic and there are multiple ways to go.



HahiHaAmorphous plus

I chose this game because it is simple yet challenging, the game play basically always the same yet it never gets old. Splatting glooples is fun, especially when you can get combos. Avoiding all the dangerous ones and the mess others leave behind when you splat them makes for a great challenge. There is a nice variety of different glooples and dangers, the bestiary is carefully documented and the comments for awards are written with wit. The long list of awards and unlockable rewards increase the game’s longevity and the easy music makes it quite enjoyable to play even for a longer period.



MRWalker82Castaway, Road of the Dead, and Spectromancer – Gathering of Power

I can’t say that I have a favorite. For me it is a three way tie between Castaway, Road of the Dead and Spectromancer. Castaway is probably the most well done RPG and no matter how many times they play it it never gets old. Road of the Dead is my favorite upgrading when short time killing game. The graphics and game mechanics are wonderfully executed and you have to love, zombie killing. As an avid magic player, both past and present I really like the way Spectromancer is put together. The quests challenge your strategy and deck building is always entertaining.



Reton8Clicker Heroes

This is a tough call, there are a lot of great flash games out there, but I’d have to say Clicker Heroes I’ve enjoyed a lot. I’ve been playing a lot of different increment/idle/clicker games lately and I have to say many of them fall short of Clicker Heroes.

Clicker Heroes has active developers that have added a lot of content to the game. As well, the game has a decent amount of (somewhat) active play compared to other incremental games. Some incremental games are very much idle heavy, where a player will literally have to leave the game for hours or days before being able to make their next move/prestige. At least, in Clicker Heroes the player can click candies to gain rubies, do a quick ascension, and spend their hero souls on ancients, all within an hours time. This give the player some sense of actually playing.

I chose an incremental game here because they can be complex, when trying to figure out the math in playing optimally, yet they can be simple in that you are basically clicking and idling, all while giving some sense of progress (and competitiveness when comparing yourself against other players).



StropFree Rider 2

Free Rider 2 always has a special place for me, because it’s versatile yet simple, and is a perfect example of how something easy to use can create things limited only by your imagination (and patience). Which you can then explore.



UnleashedUponMankindCreeper World Evermore

It’s an easy to learn area-defense/escape game, specially if you play the previous parts. You defend your base against the creeper, a blue goo. You build some structures to produce energy, just to build even more structures and to produce/run weapons to destroy the creeper. In the end you can’t survive forever, so you have to escape. This part of the series is the, lets say “endless mode”, every day you get a new map. The majority of these new maps are easy, somehow relaxing time-wasters… but every now and then you face a really hard map, a real test of skills.



weirdlikeDecision: Medieval

I love playing games that include killing zombies and such creatures. Once you get your hands on that maul, prepare yourself for a bloodbath of epic proportions.



Try some of our moderator’s favorite games and share your own favorites in the comments below or on this thread on the forums.