5 Sugary Sweet Games

5 Sugary Sweet Games

One of the best parts of Halloween is all of the candy. Everybody loves to get their hands on these sugary treats, even aliens. Get your Halloween sugar rush on with these sweet, sweet games with sugar and candy flying everywhere.

1. Halloween Sugar Rush

Stop the neighborhood children from ruining your well-manicured lawn by throwing candy at them or turning on the sprinklers. Do whatever you can to keep your lawn in tiptop shape until sunrise.


2. They Took Our Candy

Take to the streets with fellow trick-or-treaters to fight off an alien invasion that is taking all of the Halloween candy. Unlock power-ups and new costumes as you get further with each run through the streets.


3. Sugar, Sugar

Fill your cups with sugar in the Sugar, Sugar series. Fuel your sugar cravings with the second and third sequels, and if you are feeling festive early this year, play the Christmas edition, too.


4. Flying Candy

Set off a chain reaction with lighting, lasers, and more to pop bubbles and collect more candy than you could ever eat.


5. Burrito Bison & Burrito Bison Revenge

Show those Candy Land gummy bears who the boss is by body-slamming them into mush with the help of your rocket pants. Then, go back for revenge in the sequel.



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