Allow me to re-introduce myself

We’ve met before, I introduced myself as Chris from Con Artists Productions. Now it’s Con of Armor Games. It’s confusing I know, but just call me Con. It’s easier that way. Bottom line is, I’m that guy who made those zombie games.

So I’m to announce that I’m now a part of the Armor team and will be over here making games full time for one and all. That’s fantastic and exciting you say, well it is, but this is something that isn’t new to me, in fact I came from a very similar world and while The Last Stand was my first Flash game it was actually far from it. Long story short, been making games since I was a kid, school, university, leave university to work for big american games company, worked in advertising, learned Flash & Photoshop there, became a producer on Flash games there, left there to make games again.

For the long version of that story, I did an interview with a director friend of mine last week which I’ll share with you all once it’s been cut together.

In the meantime, I’m happy to be on board and look forward to producing more work for everyone. I’ve started on my new project and will show off some bits in the coming weeks.

– Con