Dark Cut 2 Featured in EGM, Updates

We love magazines, especially ones that feature our games! The most recent issue of EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) magazine has a spot on Dark Cut 2,
short but sweet! This is the second time a magazine has featured Dark Cut 2, the first being a few months ago when Games for Windows magazine ran the game in a separate article. You can pick up a copy of this magazine (June ’08 edition) at a local bookstore.

While I do not have any children (minions?) to do my programming I am busy working on a project with BoMToons, the artist/programmer behind Castle Crashing the Beard and Boss Bash. We’re working on a platformer that pays tribute to an older game that I find both epic and to be the best video game ever made. Cannot disclose too much yet but I’ll post screenshots when the time comes.

Also a few other projects coming up… yes the RPG is coming up next after that. I really, really need to finish that. And of course Halloween is coming up in just five months which means that the final installment of Dark Cut is in order. No, Light Cut was not a serious venture and definitely not the last. Any suggestions for a theme for Dark Cut 3? We went Medieval then Civil War… what’s next?