Another Addicting Flash Game

Armor PicrossI rarely get really addicted to Flash Games, but there are a few that have me HOOKED for hours. The latest added to this pile is actually one of our games, Armor Picross 2. I really got attached to the last version of Armor Picross, but this game has definitely taken the cake.

The objective of Armor Picross is to etch out an image with just a few basic hints. You are given numbers along the edge of a border, which indicate what group of squares exist in the grid below. Like inverted Sudoku, this game just sucked me in like crazy. I have already beaten all the Easy levels, and I am moving on to the harder levels. Cheers to Kenney and Gabs for this delightful game.

There have been a few other games that have really drawn me in. Here are my top five most addicting Flash Games, ever:

1: Desktop Tower Defense: This game is just incredibly addicting, and is definitely the best Tower Defense game. What strikes this game as so amazing is that it has really, really balanced gameplay. The different game modes also make me play the game several times over, which makes the lifespan of this game amazing.

2: R!SE: The sleeper hit of 2006, R!SE is an beautiful game. Toss your hand-made character in the air, trying to bounce off of springs and other things to get to the top. Denvish made an amazing game here.

3: Dolphin Olympics 2: Spin and climb to the top of the universe, performing tricks to climb higher and higher. The same idea as R!SE, but with some very interesting gaming concepts and trickiness.  I am constantly frustrated by the fact that my girlfriend is so much better than me at this game.

4: Armor Snowball: I didn’t get hooked into this game until much later after it was released, but this game is extremely addictive. Try to roll the largest snowball you can, picking up people, snowmen, and dogs. I am not a pro at this game by any means, but it is still a lot of fun.

5: 3d Logic/Armor Cube: I didn’t quit on this game for quite some time, so I found myself exhausted after the two hours it took to complete levels 1 – 30! This game is a simple 3d connect-the-lines sort of game. It looks like it should be way too simple, but by level 15 I found myself cringing in agony, as I had to pull my roommate into helping me out.

If you have the chance, definitely take a gander at these and have a good time. Anything you would recommend?