This month is all about the IndestructoTank theme.

I have, coming very soon, a game set in the Indestructotank universe which involves shooting planes from an Indestructable Helicopter – the name? IndestructoCopter!

I’ve done my best to give it a graphical style that really makes you feel like you’re stuggling to aim through turbulance, and it’s going to inlude everything people always love – A Combo System, Medals, and Upgrades!

Should be fun and I hope its going to be well recieved by the Action/Defence genre junkies.

Next on the agenda is another Indestructotank game 😀

The idea was originally to make it some sort of midpoint between the first two games, with awesome graphics, medals and elements of both, but I’ve just recently been suggesteda few things by Dan which will make this edition EPIC.

Hope you’ve got your seatbelts fastened.