Apps for Haiti

In light of the recent tragic earthquake in Haiti, Armor Games has pledged 50% of all Crush the Castle proceeds from this week to be donated to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund as part of Apps for Haiti Week. Apps for Haiti will run from January 18-22. You can download Crush the Castle from iTunes and support the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund by clicking HERE.

Thank you Armor Games for your support to help the Haitian people in this time of need.

UPDATE #1 : $850 was raised on Monday to help Haiti relief. Let’s try and raise even MORE money today. Thanks to everyone who is supporting the cause.

UPDATE #2 : $740 was raised on Tuesday. So far the grand total raise for Haiti is $1,590.

UPDATE #3 : $686 was raised on Wednesday. Total raised is now over $2,000!! 🙂

UPDATE #4 : $756 was raised on Thursday.

UPDATE #5 : $810 was raised on Friday, bringing the total contribution to $3,842!

Thanks again to everyone who participated. I’ll be making the donation to the Red Cross Haiti Relief fund next week. (I’ll post confirmation once the money has been donated)

Donation has been made (CLICK HERE)

Please continue to keep the People of Haiti in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to rebuild their lives from this tragedy.