Best of Casual Gameplay 2009

Hello Armor Gamers! It’s that time of year again for Jay is Games Best of Casual Gameplay 2009 awards. Jay is Games reviews the best of online games, and with that said, many of Armor Games’ games have made the list of nominees! So first and foremost, congratulations to our talented group of developers! We would appreciate your support in voting for our developers, who put a lot of hard work in making the highest quality games for everyone to play for free. To make voting a bit easier on you (there are A LOT of entries this year!), we have put together a voting guide with a selection of popular AG games.

Action or Arcade:

  • Hedgehog Launch 2 (Jmtb02)
  • I Love Traffic (Jmtb02)
  • Super Sloth Bomber (Megadev)

Interactive Art or Webtoy:

  • How to Raise A Dragon (Gregory Weir)

Interactive Fiction:

  • Llama Adventure (Jmtb02)


  • Crush the Castle (JoeyBetz)
  • Fragger (Harito)


  • This is the Only Level (Jmtb02)


  • Knightfall 2 (Megadev)


  • Upgrade Complete (Tony)

Tactical or Strategy:

  • Bubble Tanks Tower Defense (Hero Interactive)
  • Gemcraft Zero: Gem of Eternity (Gameinabottle)
  • Phage Wars 2 (JoeyBetz)
  • Warfare 1944 (ConArtists)

Make sure to head on over to Jay is Games, and show some love for Armor Games! You can vote HERE every day until the end of the voting period. Thanks for your support, and again, congratulations to the Armor Games developers!!

Voting ends Sunday, January 17, 2010 at 11:59PM.