Armatar Contest: Summer Edition 2017

Look, I don’t know about you guys, but between the months of June and October, there is very little good reason to go outside and I will tell you why. There are bugs that bite and sting, humidity exists, you can’t wear shorts and sit on plastic chairs, you’re broke from all the game sales, and does anyone really enjoy snow cones, anyway? Don’t you lie to me.

That’s why you should stay inside and take part in the official Summer 2017 Armatar Contest! Everyone who participates will earn a merit, but one winner will receive a special Quest for taking top prize. Until July 30th, 2017, craft your own summer related Armatar to enter and post it in the forum thread. Sonny making a sandcastle? Sushi Cat catching waves? Me peering out resentfully from behind a curtain in a dimly lit room at the people outside “enjoying the sunshine”? The possibilities are endless! Visit the official thread for full rules and submission guidelines.

If you’re not in the know, Armatars are what we call the avatars players can use for their accounts here at Armor Games. If you don’t have an account, well… sign up for free! Not only can you participate in the site chat, forum contests, and more (with yet more to come in the very near future), you can also complete unique Quests for hundreds of games. Quests are achievement-based rewards for the very games you play here on the site, displayed as special icons and shields on your profile, and we have over a thousand to earn ranging from easy to nearly impossible. Want to know more? Visit this forum thread master post, or sign up free now!