Steam Summer Sale 2017

Do you like indie games? How about saving money? Or what about thoughtful, even-sided, respectful discussions?

Well, kiddo, this is the internet. We ain’t got any of that last part. But thanks to the 2017 Steam Summer Sale, we have the first two in spades! The entire Armor Games Steam catalogue is on sale for now until July 5th. Check out all of our games here at big discounts!

Steam Summer Sale 2017

We hope you’ll check out some of our titles if you haven’t already, and spread the news. And hey, feel free to drop recommendations for other awesome indies in the comments! It’s not like I was actively trying to save money anyway. Who needs rent when you can have roguelikes?

For more about our indie games, visit our Armor Games Studios publishing website and follow Armor Games on Facebook and Twitter.

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