Armatar Contest: Winter Holidays 2017 Edition

Weather outside a bit frightful? Big deal! Going outside sucks anyway, so hang out here with us for a while and take part in the 2017 Winter Holidays Armatar Contest.

From now until January 7th, 2018, craft your own seasonal Armatar out of your original artwork and join the community in spreading a little holiday cheer. Everyone who participates will earn a merit, and first-time winners will receive a special Quest for taking top prize as well. Visit the official thread for full rules and submission guidelines.

If you don’t have a free account yet, sign up to participate in the forums and start earning points and quests galore, or just say “Hello!” I don’t bite. At most, I grunt in a surly fashion, but I tell people that’s part of my charm and they’re too scared to correct me. If you’re wondering “Quests, huh? Merits, bwuh? Armatars, zuh?”, then check out this thread to get started. Hope to see you soon!

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