Pinstripe Out Now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4!

Pinstripe Out Now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4!

While we here at Armor Games obviously like our free online games, and are continuing to reach out to more developers to bring you more browser content, we’re passionate about our indie developers who want to make bigger titles, too! That’s why our publishing company, Armor Games Studios, works with creators like Thomas Brush, who have a vision they want to turn into reality. Last year, his first premium game, Pinstripe, released on Steam. Today, we’re proud to announce Pinstripe is our very first console release.

Pinstripe, available today on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, is a narrative-based action-adventure game that follows Teddy, a disgraced ex-minister. When his daughter, Bo, is abducted by the sinister Mr. Pinstripe, he ventures into a bizarre but dangerous frozen afterlife to journey through Hell to save her, and confront his past along the way. The game is available in seven languages, and for PC, Mac, and Linux in addition to console. Check out Pinstripe on Xbox One, or play the demo online free!

Pinstripe blends humour and horror with more fantastical elements to tell itself story, and, as Teddy, players will need to use their wits and skills to avoid enemies and solve puzzles… with a little help from their intrepid pooch. Everything from the art and music to the programming and writing was created solely by Thomas Brush over five years, and we feel incredibly privileged to have been a part of that journey in publishing it. We hope you’ll check out Pinstripe on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and help us spread the news. Thank you for your support of indie developers!

Additionally, we’re happy to announce the Armor Games’ Armatar Special Pinstripe Edition!. From now until March 18th, 2018, craft your own seasonal Armatar out of your original artwork and join the community in spreading a little holiday cheer. Everyone who participates will earn a merit, and first-time winners will receive a special Quest for taking top prize as well. Visit the official thread for full rules and submission guidelines.

If you don’t have a free account yet, sign up to participate in the forums and start earning points and quests galore, or just say “Hello!” I don’t bite. At most, I grunt in a surly fashion, but I tell people that’s part of my charm and they’re too scared to correct me. If you’re wondering “Quests, huh? Merits, bwuh? Armatars, zuh?”, then check out this thread to get started. Hope to see you soon!

For more about Pinstripe, visit the official website and visit Pinstripe press kit. Follow Armor Games on Facebook and Twitter. Learn more about our indie game publishing on Armor Games Studios.