Armor Gaming Challenge #6 ~Winners~

Thank-You to everyone who entered our contest! Here is a list of the winners!


Grand Prize ($5,000) goes to Hero RPG by Michael Neumann
2nd Place ($3,000) goes to Pentopus Soup by Richard Ambler
3rd Place ($2,000) goes to -Rhythm Fireworks 2- by Coolio Niato
4th Place ($1,500) goes to Rapteck Arena Reloaded by Alessio Veracini
5th Place ($750) goes to Turkey Hunt by skyhelpme

In addition, I’m awarding these games each $500 because they were some of my favorites.

($500) for Swept to the End by SecretSecretary
($500) for Turkey Shooter 3D by Josh Tam
($500) for -Colordefense- by Coolio Niato

Lastly, here are the Winners for the Christmas Contest.

($1,000) Ralphy by Hipapatuk
($1,000) Christmas Rush by LilDwarf
($1,000) Xmas Game Collab 07 by Various Artist

I will be contacting all WINNERS next week. Thanks again for making this another success contest.

Happy New Year!