They're Here.

Balls 3

Ever wonder what 1,000 Ball Revamped balls look like?

As part of the redesign of Armor Games, we will soon be selling some merchandise. Our first shipment of Ball Revamped balls have finally come, and it is really a thrill for me. I never would have thought a project started in my High School Senior Year would take off enough to get a toy.

The balls came in four large boxes, each bursting as though they were going to explode. Luckily every ball was accounted for. After cracking them open, we threw them around the office until we finally realized we had to get some work done today.

These are 3.5″ squishy balls, that are full-color and style to the Ball Revamped ball. Once our online store opens, we’ll be selling these and a few other products for you to keep. But until then, I’ll probably find a large ball pit and dive in!