Ball Revamped Fans

BR1It’s really neat getting an email from someone, telling me that they liked something I did. In the case of Ball Revamped 5, I got two really special emails from some young kids who are amazing with MS Paint and a marker.

The first comes from Zac, 8 years old, who drew me a picture of one of the levels he wanted to put in. He banks on 200 levels, and drew me level 199 (which without a doubt would be the most difficult level ever). The “Joker and the Thief” level features many of the original power ups from the fifth game.

The second comes from another 8 year-old kid, who goes by the name of Missingno (Pokemon fan for sure). He made me some clips of the game, called Ball Revamped 6:Yin-Yang. The game, from what I can interpret, is a dark-side/light-side sort of game, similar to what went on in the most recent Metroid game, or the idea of Dark Link from the Legend of Zelda. The ball has two dynamic personalities that it must face, and use the powers of each side to dominate the levels and move through the different realms. Pretty good for an 8 year-old, who says he wants to design games when he gets older!

All-in-all, it’s quite an honor to get fan pictures from some of my content!