Ball Revamped IRL

Ball Revamped Balls

Well, after months of pushing numbers, talking to stress ball representatives, and finally concluding with a final design, the real-life Ball from Ball Revamped is HERE!  To be featured in the new Armor Games store when the new site goes up, the ball measures a good 2.2″ in diameter and features the exact four ball colors translated from the screen to the ball!

And these balls do squish!  Throw them at your pets, your friends, but remember that you’ll be starting back at the beginning if you hit a wall.  As a Flash developer, I would have never imagined four years ago that I would have my own toy finally.  I always imagined I would be buying everyone else’s toys for the rest of my life, but to have my own squishy ball is fantastic.

Not yet available at the moment, you can find them once the new Armor Games Store goes live!  The Armor Games store will sell all sorts of swag for your personal collection of tidbits and tshirts.  The Store should go live shortly after the site goes live.