Boxy Zombie Frenzy

Boxy Zombie Frenzy

Have you ever wished your head was shaped like a box and you were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse with unlimited ammo? Neither have I, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be fun. Check out the eight games below to jump into a boxy zombie frenzy.

1. Dude and Zombies


Your truck broke down in the middle of the forest in the middle the night. There’s absolutely nothing that could go wrong with this scenario, except for the zombie humans, zombie rabbits, and zombie birds. Prepare to defend yourself with an array of weapons you can buy in the middle of the forest at night as your repair your truck to get out of there. Or maybe you don’t want to leave.

2. Big Pixel Zombies


London in overrun with zombies in the Big Pixel universe. Kill zombies to unlock guns, armor, dogs with guns and other tactical items as you clear the streets of London of this infestation.

3. UndeadRun


The Zombie King awaits your challenge. Run and gun your way through the city on your way to face the Zombie King. Collect coins and upgrades, earn achievements, and upgrade yourself to face the challenge. Can you beat the King in one run?

4. Boxhead series: Boxhead, Boxhead The Rooms, Boxhead More Rooms, Boxhead 2Play, Boxhead The Zombie Wars


Rack up higher combos to unlock better weapons to unlock higher combos to get better scores in the classic ultimate cubic zombie frenzy series. Unleash a hailstorm of bullets and unrelenting waves of explosions on endless hordes zombies, mummies, vampires, and devils. Play with a friend in Boxhead 2Play.