Bubble Tanks 2 Demo

Since this is my first time posting on the Armor Blog, I suppose a “Hi Everyone!” is in order. For those that don’t know me, my name is Jared and I own a tiny little flash game studio called Hero Interactive.

We’ve got a lot of great games lined up for you guys this summer season, among them is Bubble Tanks 2, the sequel to our most successful game to date.  For those of you who purchased the StormWinds 1/1.5 Extra Content for $5, you are now able to try out the demo!  I’ve sent a copy of the demo to ArmorGames, which you can now find at the top of this page.  Giving you access to the demo is our way of saying a big thanks for all of your support! If you don’t have the Extra Content and want a keycode, you can purchase one here.

Before I finish this post (and before some of you start whining about how $5 is soooooo much money), I’d like to give a huge thanks to Armor Games.  For those of you that didn’t know, Bubble Tanks 2 was going to include an Extra Content feature similar to what was available in StormWinds.  Now, however, Dan from Armor Games has decided to generously purchase a license to make it so all ArmorGames.com players will get to play the extra content for FREE.  That’s right, only on ArmorGames.com will there be extra tank states, new enemies, and bonus game modes… and it’ll be free.  So if you see Dan online, tell him thanks!