Fireball Frenzy!

Hi there everyone, just thought I’d give you an update of what I’m just finishing up on – a single or multiplayer arena fragfest in the same vein as the super bomberman games for the Super Nintendo. Multiplayer you say? Yes I say! Sadly due to time constraints, the game is not online multiplayer, but can support 2 players sharing a keyboard (Arrrgh I hear you cry) or 4 players via Wiimote (Whaaa!? I hear you cry) in the Nintendo Wii browser (once the feature is fully tested). For those who cry out for some Solo action (or people without any friends), there’s 12 solo battle scenarios against AI opponents to beat to unlock medals and a custom game option for those who just want a drop in drop out ass kicking session to blow off the day’s stresses. The game acts as most shooters do, only with fast thinking strategy introduced. Whereas in bomberman you lay your weapons on a delay, in FF your player hurls fireballs in the direction he is facing. The strategy is introduced by the grid system the game runs on, to change your direction of fire, you must move one space. This means that in later levels Strategy is a must if you want to outsmart the AI or a skilled human opponent. Certain blocks can be destroyed to leave items which level up your characters rate of fire, making collection an important part of any battle. Anyway, I’ll stop yammering on about it and get back to work on it, here’s a few screenies for you


Click for bigger image.

In other news, looks like someone is gunning for my job.

Please excuse how dopey I sound trying to teach her phonetic letters, but I’m hoping to have her replace me soon without Dan noticing, so she can do all the hard work while I reap the rewards!

Well thats all for now, I hope to make posts more frequently and get into greater touch with the Armor community hence forth 😀