Coffee Shop character animation sheet

It feels so good to finally push a large project out of beta and into the mainstream. Especially when I’m not the one who has to do the programming! Everyone, please, if you would, stand and give praise to Jeff Wofford for programming a fine piece of flash entertainment. I really look forward to working with him on future projects. Sound design by Chris Branscome was phenomenal as well!

As an added treat, I’ve posted the Coffee Shop character animation sheet for all of the Coffee Shop characters. I’m very proud of it. A lot of work went into the motion of each person. Each one is animated frame by frame at 12 fps or more. In my opinion, this attention to detail helps raise the quality of Coffee Shop a couple hundred notches above most of the other successful casual games that are out there. (*cough*bloons tower defense II*cough* blargh! *cough) Enjoy! And feel free to post any questions in the comments section!