Halo 3, Armor Games vs. Kongregate

It happened. And it went down. And in the end, well, I can’t spoiling the ending right? Here is the breakdown of events from the Halo 3 tournament heard around the world.

Kongregate and Armor Games started talking about a game of Halo a few weeks ago. After drawing out a few guidelines and rules, the two Flash websites went head-to-head in the happiest Halo game on Earth. Playing with four players each, the two teams trained to play six matches (three chosen per team). The matches varied in gametype and location, and if you are a Halo player, you can definitely see the difficulty changes with each level and gametype. Here are the matches and their outcomes!

Match 1: Slayer on Snowbound

The first battle took place on the icy battlefield of Snowbound, and it was a close match to start. The Kongregate team learned to group together to pick off Armor Games team members, huddling at the top of the second base. The Ghost was also a huge center of struggle, switching hands twice. However, Armor Games managed to pull through in the end, taking the first game.

Outcome: Armor Games Wins 50-40


Match 2: Team King on Narrows

Team King was pretty even for the first part of the game. The hill was usually occupied by one team, then immediately occupied by the other. But once again, Armor Games broke through and ended up with another win. Greg had 2 Assassination and 6 Beat Down medals, while I had 6 double kills and 1 triple.

Final Outcome: Armor Games wins 150 – 109


Match 3 – VIP on Valhalla

VIP on Valhalla was a tough match. Basically, we were playing the largest map with small teams, trying to kill an uber VIP all on their own. Our plan was pretty successful, as we hid Dan in the cliffs for most of the match. Twice we drove the Warthog into their base, resulting in a pretty funny situation with Greg. I quote from the Kongregate forums:

“Unfortunately, the cheap, brutal, terrorist-like tactics of Armor Games proved victorious in the match-up. We did our best to fight a civilized war, but we were met with nothing but dirty tricks and shameful methods.

As an example (perhaps a video replay will later be posted as proof):

During our VIP battle, I, as the VIP, was enjoying a nice cup of tea within our bunker as the rest of my team ventured forth into the third world, providing food for children and medicine for the elderly. I was rudely interrupted by an Armor Games mercenary literally driving a jeep INTO our base (vehicles are meant for the OUTSIDE, sir). That’s right—the same base where I demand that visiting diplomats remove their shoes. Wishing no violence to occur, I promptly complied with the terrorist’s orders and hopped into the passenger side of the jeep. I was then kidnapped, and driven back to the barren land of our terrorist enemies. I was ordered from the vehicle, then promptly beaten to death with the blunt end of a weapon. The shots that I fired were purely meant as mere warnings, proven by their reluctance to strike any flesh.”

Fair enough, Greg. Here’s the video of the situation:

Indeed, the vehicles played a very important role in this game. There were several double and triple kills over bigger vehicles gobbling smaller vehicles. However, the first Warthog visit was not the only one. The second time we came in with our own VIP, and managed to take out the VIP after some quick work from Dan jumping out to finish the job. Here is the clip:

The match was great, with Kongregate making a huge comeback at the very end of the game. However, Armor Games had the early lead, which led the the eventual victory.

Outcome: Armor Games win, 10-5.


Match 4: Team King on the Pit

This was the closest game of them all. The game was constantly within a few points and with Kongregate’s early lead we were worried that catching up would not happen in time. Kongregate was smart; they attacked from above, used grenades with finesse, and went for the power weapons. Alison from the Kongregate team held down the fort on several occasions leaving the Armor Games team left with no defense. However, a last minute hill-grab ended in another Armor Games victory.

Outcome: Armor Games win, 150-137


Match 5: Team Slayer on Highground

This game was a bit strange. We began the match with everything going as plan, until Dan and Luka suddenly lost connection to Xbox Live, and we restarted the match. Greg cried foul, but we cried tears of sadness for XBL. We restarted the match. Most noticable about this messed up match was Kongregate team member Chris having six kills in the 2 minutes we played.

It was pretty even at the beginning, but we soon took over with a large lead. Chris was being a beast on the Kongregate team, but we ended up with a win. 8 kills from Armor Games came from splatters from Ghosts.

Outcome: Armor Games win, 50 – 29

High Ground

Match 6 – Rockets on Isolation

This was a game to 75 on isolation. It was really a fun match, mostly because it’s really hard to take a Halo match seriously when everyone is constantly jumping and trying to shoot rockets at each other. Luka racked up his first ever Halo triple kill medal, and Armor Games went on to win a clean sweep in the Halo vs Kongregate match.

Outcome: Armor Games win, 75-55.


Overall Summary

Armor Games wins! A few of these matches were really close, and had us on our toes. Kongregate pulled together a great team in a short time, and we definitely give a thumbs up to their abilities. Bravo! However, a winner is a winner, and Armor Games now stands with a perfect Halo record of 1-0.

We’ll definitely take on Kongregate again any time. Possibly against COCAK as a future battle? Or maybe Kongregate and Armor Games should join forces to take over the Haloz interwebz. Pretty epic.

Good game Kongregate. We definitely had a lot of fun.

Kongregate Players:
Kongregate is Chris
Kongregate (1) is Greg
Kongregate (2) is Alison
StopDropAndrew is Andrew

Armor Games Players:
jmtb02 is John
jmtb02 (1) is James
ArmorOffice is Dan
ArmorOffice (1) is Luka

If you own Halo 3, you can download the first three matches from the “ArmorOffice” account, and the last three matches from the “jmtb02” account. You can also download the matches from the file share on each game page.