Countdown for the New Year

Countdown for the New Year

Happy 2016, everybody! The New Year is here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t count down anyway.


You have five minutes to figure everything out in a game inspired by Continuity. Grab keys to unlock locations and piece everything together before time is up.


4 Differences

Spot the four differences in each dynamic scene set to relaxing music.


300 miles to Pigsland

Guide your little pigs 300 miles to Pigsland. Jump and fly your way there as you collect gold coins and avoid hazards such as wolves and animal traps.


Two Rooms

Beat the clock as you swap between two blocks to move walls around to reach the exit. You must be quick about it or you’ll be blocked off, or worse: crushed.


One and One Story

One plus one equals two, but One and One make one. Bring a boy and a girl together in this puzzle platformer.



If that is not enough counting for you, you can always check out the forum game Count to 100, where you count to 100.