Grinch or Give

Grinch or Give

If you had the chance, would you ruin Christmas forever or save it for another year? Ruin or save Christmas with these holiday games below.

Grinch! – Infectonator – Christmas Edition

Cause as much destruction and zombification as you can in 25 days. Ruin Christmas forever by turning Santa into a zombie.


Give! – Into Space 3: Xmas Story

Aliens are ruining Christmas and it is up to you to help the elves save it. Collect gifts and candies and crash your rocket into UFOs to undo the damage the aliens have done.


Grinch! – Effing Worms – Xmas

Devour reindeer, elves, and Santa in your furious feeding frenzy because you don’t like the present that Santa gave you.


Give! – Flight

Fly a little girl’s letter to Santa around the world and spread joy and happiness to the world. Flight! is also available on the iTunes store.