Crush the Castle 2-An Inside Look


Everyone in the Armor Games community is raving about Crush the Castle players pack. Now it is time to get a inside look at what to expect from Crush the Castle 2. To get the best inside look possible we had time to catch up with the developer himself, Joey, for some insight on the upcoming game.


What are some of the new features we can expect on Crush the Castle 2?

Crush the Castle 2 will be a refreshed experienced from the ground up. Everything from the castle editor to the trebuchet have been revamped and updated with a new look. Castles will look more detailed, environments will be more expansive, and as always the game will cater very much to the castle builders. New environmental features such as varied terrain and weather will offer a different challenge for players. Creative projectiles will offer more strategy and skill while still keeping the game simple and fun.


What are some of the new changes in game play we can expect?

The castle editor has seen the biggest change overall. With over 300,000 castles shared in the Players Pack alone, I really wanted to create a more robust editor and offer more creative freedom when building castles. With all of the creative and talented castle builders out there, I took it personally to make sure their experience was just as good as the castle crushers.

Is there a release date for Crush the Castle 2?

You can look for Crush the Castle 2 around early may.

Crush the Castle 2 sounds like it has the potential to surpass the original. With a refreshed new look, a higher level of strategy, and a more creative editor; this game has the potential to make players everywhere thrilled when it comes out. Look for the game when it launches on Armor Games in early May.