Exit Path- A Race to the Finish!


Exit Path is a game being developed that will be featured on Armor Games. To learn more about Exit Path, Armor Games caught up with the game developer himself, John. This is John’s first multiplayer game he is releasing on Armor Games.


What type of game is Exit Path?

Exit Path is a gauntlet-themed racing platform game that allows 3-4 players to race at once. The idea “Exit Path,” came from or was inspired by European exit signs

What can gamers expect when playing Exit Path?

It is a gauntlet-themed race track set up with multiple distractions set throughout the raceway to make it difficult to reach the finish line. For example, there will be spikes to jump over and treadmills to run on. The purpose of the game is to be the first one to cross the finish line before your competitors. There is a one-player mode offered to gain practice before joining multiplayer as well.


Is there any additional information you would like to share about Exit Path?

Exit path will also be available in BETA multi-player within a few weeks of its actual arrival. For all those who are interested in its release date, Exit Path will be releasing around mid-April.

All gamers should keep their eyes open for Exit Path! This is not a game you want to miss!