Deep Sleep Trilogy on Steam!

Deep Sleep Trilogy on Steam!

Looking for something spooky? Craving a reason to turn down the lights, put on your headphones, and sit on the edge of your seat? Now available Steam, Deep Sleep Trilogy is an anthology of the original three standalone games in scriptwelder’s cult classic series, preserved on Steam. Learn more about Deep Sleep Trilogy and get it on Steam!

In Deep Sleep Trilogy, players take on the role of someone who finds themselves ensnared in an inescapable nightmare following an experiment in lucid dreaming gone awry. Throughout each game in the trilogy, they’ll descend deeper into their nightmares to try and find a way out, solving point-and-click style puzzles in surreal environments, and contending with menacing, otherworldly creatures that seem to lurk in the shadows.

The Deep Sleep Trilogy for Steam doesn’t contain any new content, but it does preserve the original web games in one package for fans, and includes Steam achievements. (The original games will always be free online for as long as the platform supports them.) If you’re looking to complete your collection of scriptwelder’s series on Steam, this is a fantastic way to show your support!

Just don’t blame us if you fall asleep…

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