Sushi Cat is up for Adoption...?!

Earlier this month, we received a letter from our longtime pal Sushi Cat!

“Dearest Friends, I have found that my family is growing too large too quickly! There isn’t enough space or tasty food for us here. That’s when I thought of Armor Games! You know so many people, with lots of room, treats and plenty of love for us all! I sent some of the bravest felines I know to helm this new expedition; I know you’ll be able to find them fantastic forever homes!” – SushiCat

And so the die was cast! We waited eagerly for the arrival of the soft and squishy new slew of sushi loving felines, and as we marked the days off our calendars, it appears were aligned for their arrival. Early today, October 29th Sushi Cat’s lovely family arrived at Armor Games; just in time to celebrate National Cat Day here at home!

If you’re looking to take home one of these cuddly little bundles of sushi-filled joy, we are going to be running a special sale all the way through Halloween Weekend! These little guys will be a spooky 66% off all the way until Friday November 1st at 5 PM. You can check them out here! Come adopt a new friend and help them find a new forever-home!